Summertime Skin Care

summer sunburnOoops! Don’t let a case of sunburn be your reminder how important it is to wear sunscreen when you go outside in the summertime.

Its actually better (safer) to apply a sunscreen with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 30 every time you go outside. (And we mean all year around, not just for summertime skin care.)

You need sunscreen when you go outside because whether it’s sunny or overcast, “Ol’ Man Sun” is still beaming away, sharing:

  • UVA (Ultra Violet A) rays which can prematurely damage your skin, adding wrinkles and age spots
  • UVB (Ultra Violet B) rays which can cause sunburn

And did you know that even when you are inside, those UVA rays from the sun can penetrate window glass, causing your skin to prematurely age?

There is a big selection of different sunscreens available. And every year, new sunscreen brands and refinements seem to be popping up.

So how do you know which sunscreen is right to protect you and your skin for your best skin care this summer, and all year around?

Jennifer Fond, New York EstheticianWhy not make an appointment with Jennifer Fond? She’s a dedicated esthetician, licensed in New York state and in Connecticut state, who specializes in treatment of the skin. She has helped many women and men to solve or improve the condition of their skin.

Jennifer gives each new client a complimentary, personal skin analysis. This analysis is the basis to help Jennifer determine the best skin care regimen for that client, using her extensive knowledge of skincare treatments and product ingredients.

Ritual Skin Care Hydrate - CucumberAnd after each time you are out in the Sun, you can keep your skin feeling fresh throughout the day by spritzing on Ritual Skin Care Hydrate / Cucumber Mist.

You can Mist as often as you want throughout the day for a quick refreshed feeling.

Find out more about this and other safe and natural skin care products on the Ritual Skin Care website.

To protect your skin this summer, just Contact me. Make an appointment for a complimentary skin analysis in my Danbury, CT studio or New York. Find out more about protecting your skin.