Fall Skin Care in New England

Fall in New England.Cooler fall weather can dry your skin. Now that fall is here, time to add more moisturizer to your fall skin care routine.
Not just your face, but your whole body.

And, your skin is also susceptible to Sun damage in the fall. That’s not because the Sun is any stronger this time of year, but the UV index may still be high when the temperature is not as warm.

It’s important to wear sunscreen year around. Every morning apply a sunscreen with at least SPF 50 if you may be outside a lot.

But there are so many skin care products on the market today! What is the best fall skin care regimen to care for your skin and keep you looking and feeling good?

We can help! Just make an appointment with Jennifer!
She is a dedicated, licensed esthetician specializing in treatment of the skin.

Ritual Skin Care Healing Moisturizer CreamYour first appointment with Jennifer will begin with a personal skin analysis, to assure your skin care treatments will give you the best results. She may recommend use of one of her Ritual Skin Care products, which she designed to help very delicate skin conditions. For example, many of her regular returning clients have enjoyed the benefits of her Healing Moisturizer Cream during the dry fall / winter months.

Jennifer uses her extensive knowledge of skincare and product ingredients to help her clients achieve results with a very personalized skin care regimen.

Contact Jennifer to make an appointment.
Your skin will thank you for it!