Permanent makeup for eyebrows and lips are actually semi-permanent tattoo-like cosmetic treatments to fill in eyebrows or lips. A special small needle handset is used to create the desired results on the client’s skin. Results of these treatments can last from a year to as long as 3 years.

– Microblading is another treatment offered for the eyebrows, which uses a blade to create individual hair strokes, while giving eyebrows a desired shape, fullness and color.

– Lip tattoo can help someone achieve more fullness and definition of their lips. It can help if they have lost color in their lips, have asymmetrical lips, thin lips, or scars.

Currently offering Powder Brows, Ombre Brows, and Lip Tattooing.

– – Eyeliner treatments Services are planned as future offered Services.

An appointment begins with a consultation to decide the desired look; choosing the best brow (or lip shape) for the client’s face, and the color (considering their natural hair color and skin tone).
Then Jennifer will apply the corresponding pigments under the skin, using a small needle handset.

Jennifer recommends a follow-up appointment in about a month to see how the client is enjoying the results of their treatment, and to see if they need a touch-up.

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