Parisian Peel MicrodermabrasionOur Medical Microdermabrasion treatment uses a small Parisian Peel handpiece to direct a spray of fine crystals onto the treated area. These tiny crystals lightly rub off the top layer of dead skin. The crystals and dead outer layer of skin are then removed from the area via suction. The results are the same as a superficial chemical peel; lessening acne and correcting mild discoloration while smoothing the skin and enhancing its natural glow.

Jennifer and Dr. Farella have found these Medical Microdermabrasion treatments suitable for all skin types.

Professional esthetician, Jennifer Fond, in skin care treatment areaMedical Microdermabrasion improves and corrects skin conditions including pimples, blackheads and mild acne, skin discoloration and signs of aging, scarring, wrinkles and fine lines from excessive Sun exposure, and pigmentation variations.

No anesthesia is required.

Sessions last approximately 90 minutes. Repeat treatments are usually required to maintain the desired results.

There is no recovery period. Results of medical microdermabrasion are apparent after treatment.

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