Jennifer Fond in skin care treatment areaLaser treatments may be effectively used to treat benign skin pigmentation and sun damaged skin conditions.

Benign Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation (coloration) abnormalities/disorders affect many people.

“Birthmarks” are abnormal skin colorations which appear at birth (or usually within a few weeks after birth). Birthmarks are generally classified as pigmentation birthmarks and vascular birthmarks from blood vessels.

These birthmarks may appear as:
– – Bluish or grayish
– – Light brown to dark brown
– – Pink, red, or purple

Birthmarks may appear flat to the surface of the skin, or slightly raised.

While most birthmarks are non-cancerous, certain birthmarks can pose health risks and should be checked by a health professional.

Sun Damaged Skin

While most of changes in skin which are considered to be normal results of aging, they are actually caused by too much sun exposure. The UV (ultraviolet) rays in sunshine actually damage a component of skin called elastin. And as elastin in skin breaks down (as implied by its name), skin begins to stretch and sag, and it loses the ability to return to its previous position after the skin is stretched. The signs of sun damage to skin become more apparent later in life.

Safe laser treatments are sometimes recommended for resolving concerns with skin pigmentation disorders and sun damaged skin.

If you have a concern about a pigmentation abnormality or sun damage to your skin, make an appointment with Jennifer in the Mt. Kisco, New York office of Dr. Farella 914-241-7111 to receive a personal skin analysis and diagnosis, with treatment recommendations. Your skin with thank you for it!