Jennifer Fond and Dr. Farella have seen quick results using IPL/AFT (Intense Pulsed Light/Advanced Fluorescent Technology) for treating common vascular (pigmented) lesions.

Jennifer treats some vascular lesions with the Harmony XL Pro created by Alma Lasers, an IPL/AFT device that uses lower energy to maximize patient comfort during and after treatments, while minimizing the risk of any possible complications.

Vascular lesions are the result of blood vessels which form directly under the epidermis, the surface of the skin. And vascular lesions are often a cosmetic concern because they remain visible even though they are underneath the skin.

These vascular skin conditions do not fade away naturally, but IPL/AFT laser and light-based therapy can improve their appearance.

Jennifer may recommend treating your vascular lesions with the Harmony XL Pro IPL/AFT device, created by Alma Lasers. This device is FDA approved to remove unwanted vascular lesions on the face and body.

3 to 6 treatments are typically recommended for removing unwanted vascular lesions.

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